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Mangaholic: Japanese University Opens Manga Library

Please allow me in these few humble sentences to bring up a topic of personal interest. Meiji University in Tokyo, Japan has recently decided to open a library specifically devoted to manga. To be completed in 2015, the library can store “two million comic books, animation drawings, video games and other artifacts.”


 Manga has taken the teen population (and others might I add) by wave in the United States. They are current, entertaining, and can be just as educational as ‘traditional’ books. And please, those of you who think manga is trash…wake up! We live in a visual age. Instead of shoving graphic novels aside, why not consider the potential they have for combining what young people want-the visual-with what you all want them to do-read. Solution!

by: Tamie


Manga Library In Japan.(The Arts/Cultural Desk)(ARTS, BRIEFLY)(Meiji University)(Brief article) (2009). The New York Times, 159(54840), C2(L).


One Response to “Mangaholic: Japanese University Opens Manga Library”

  1. This is simply amazing. Let’s get one in the United States, no? We would SOOO work there.

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