Diversity in Libraries
A blog for exploring and discussing the topics of diversity and multiculturalism in libraries.

This blog is for EVERYONE; the “Average” person encompassing all our experiences.

HATE HATE! Celebrate the hate. Diversity, who needs it?

When was the last time you heard someone say this in a serious tone? No one screams this out loud in the streets, in the classroom, in a library. And I’m not talking about the ‘extremists’ who rally against African Americans, or Hispanics, or homosexuals, or the disabled. I’m talking about average people. Average people don’t go around yelling this in the streets…or do they?

Here, WE, will throw together ideas on multiculturalism and diversity, in as far as the definition of those two words extends in relation to libraries. Think libraries are havens for freedom of speech? Yes, they are, but they also are tied to communities with their own histories and beliefs. How should libraries fight against their communities (since fighting is what they must do at all times) while still following the general wishes of the people? What are your beliefs reading this blog and how have you fought for them? How have you seen diversity in libraries? Have you looked? STAND, SPEAK, let us KNOW.



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  1. During the Harlem Renaissance, the 135th Street library encouraged such discussions on a wide range of political and cultural issues. Because I spend most of my waking hours in an academic library, I suspect that encouraging diverse conversations are much easier at academic libraries than at public ones. I can hear Rev. Holyroller and/or the Republican representative rail against homosexual babykillers indoctrinating Christian children with their anti-American perversion in a public library at taxpayers expense. I believe that generally as a society, Americans don’t want to learn anything that will challenge their core beliefs but will grasp whatever nonesense that reinforces it. I feel that public librarians will either have to be (at the risk of their paycheck) either creatively subversive in delivering new dialog or stay safe by keeping with the proverbial community standards. Even if nobody learns anything new.

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